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Kinderstation's History

Kinderstation is a school for preschool, kindergarten, elementary, junior, and high school aged students in Yogyakarta. It uses English as the medium of instruction and teaches using the International Primary Curriculum (IEYC/IPC/IMYC) and GAC. It was founded in 2007 by FR Avi Sariantina, DW Herry Susanto, and Soebakdi (2010). Kinderstation is THE FIRST ENGLISH SPEAKING DAYCARE IN YOGYAKARTA.

The reason for Kinderstation School’s establishment was to increase the quality of education available to children in Yogyakarta. In 2007, there was no preschool or daycare that used an international curriculum or English as the medium of instruction in Yogyakarta. However at that time, schools with these attributes could be found in Jakarta and other major cities throughout Indonesia. So at that time, there was a gap between the range of education options available to the children of Yogyakarta and their counterparts in cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and Makassar. 

The founder opened a branch of early childhood and kindergarten education facility, franchised from Singapore; Sunsmile Kids, and built an English speaking daycare under the name of Kinderstation.

Kinderstation Founders


At KinderStation (Cahaya Bangsa Utama) every student will achieve personal success (knowledge, skill, and Godly character) which will be useful for meeting the needs of society in both Indonesian, and international communities.


1 Provide a holistic educational experience which focuses on a combination of academic, personal and international learning. Every student is able to :

  • Enjoy their learning.
  • Develop enquiring minds. 
  • Develop personal qualities they need to be good global citizens.
  • Develop a sense of their own nationality and culture as well as developing a profound respect for that of others.
  • Develop all the skills they need in order to confidently face the world of tomorrow.

2 Prepare him/ her to be a leader for the greater good and of service to others.

3 Encourage parents to take interest and be involved in their child’s learning

4 Provide a good working environment for teachers and staff by embedding school values (positive thinking, open mindedness, respect, integrity, humility, commitment, and excellent)

Purpose: To build an unrivalled reputation as an outstanding provider of holistic education in Yogyakarta

Goals :

Goal 1: Safe environment

  • Kinderstation School will create an environment and culture that makes each student, employee and parent feel valued, supported and respected.
  • To provide safe facilities and infrastructure required to support our daily learning process and the anticipated growth, including TK SD SMP SMA Terpadu location.

Goal 2: A Clear System of Academic and behavioral needs of students

  • We prepare our students for the opportunities of tomorrow by providing them with 21st century skills of critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, and creativity to ensure a successful future.
  • To create English speaking environment to prepare our students to be global citizens.
  • To develop and execute fun learning curriculum that is child-led, age appropriate and based on child’s needs and interests.
  • To educate students to their highest learning potential by providing a quality differentiated learning approach.
  • To maintain the academic standards, including the consistent achievement of excellent examination results
  • To support all religion programs to build the awareness of Godly character
  • To enhance the good reputation of the school by playing an active role in both academic and non-academic area’s including sending our students to local, national or international competition’s.
  • To develop personal qualities by embedding morals, resilience, thoughtfulness, co-operation, communication, respect, adaptability and enquiring minds.

Goal 3: Digital Learning

  • Expand technology opportunities for every student. Digital learning at Kinderstation School will be irresistibly engaging for students and teachers across all learning areas. Kinderstation students will become innovative and confident users of digital technologies. They will use technology to communicate, collaborate, and create, while fostering higher order thinking skills and real life problem solving.

Goal 4: Literacy and Math Improvement

  • Kinderstation School supports all students as they gain competency in literacy and mathematics.

Goal 5: Nationalism

  • To Develop a sense of Nationalism

Goal 6: Family and Community Involvement

  • By developing and maintaining effective lines of communication between the school and all of its member, including students, employees and parents.
  • Encourage and support parental involvement by providing continuous, meaningful communication relative to the school program
  • Provide and update current information to all shareholders on the school website, instagram, and other social media platforms.
  • Arrange routine parenting seminars to educate Kinderstation Parents and other Parents.

Goal 7: International Mindedness

  • Kinderstation school will continue to create meaningful partnerships with communities, third parties and school from others cities and countries (immersion, study tour).

Goal 8: Highly effective and well-trained Employee

  • Kinderstation school will continue to recruit, train, and retain high-quality effective employee through HRD plan (backed by a highly motivated support team, who are all fully committed to driving the school forward as a global leader in the delivery of innovative, high quality international education).
  • To advance excellence in teaching including the use of technology.
  • To deliver a challenging and innovative Early Years/IPC/IMYC and National curriculum .

Goal 9: Management and prioritization of resources

  • Kinderstation School will continue to implement processes to effectively and efficiently optimize our resources.
  • To maintain stable and secure finances (budgeting and control) and to continue to seek additional funding.
  • To build a professional management system.

Goal 10: Charity

  • To teach our students about sharing and giving through school charity program.

Goal 11 : Go green

  • To encourage the students and employees to be involved in go green campaign


Kinderstation School believes that:

1. A safe, supportive, and engaging learning environment is important.

2. Nature vs Nurture

  • All kids are genius
  • Every student will learn and succeed

3. The best decisions put students first.

4. Our students and staff are our most valuable asset.

5. Our staff deserves our support and the best resources we can provide to meet the diverse needs of our students.

6. High expectations produce high achievement.

7. Excellent schools positively impact our communities and environment.

8. We are stewards of the public trust.


Positive thinking





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